Walsh County Historical Museum previously Minto School

323 Third Street, Minto, North Dakota
(Junction of Major Ave and Third Street)

N48° 17.608′ W97° 22.389′


Wally Ebertowski: 701-248-3984

Can be contacted for tours too.

Shannon Brazil, Museum Co-Curator: 701-215-3420

Museum Hours


Sundays & Holidays 12:00-5:00 p.m. from the Sunday before Memorial Day to the last Sunday in September.


Once home to school children in elementary through high school grade levels, the Minto School is now known as the Walsh County Historical Museum. Built in 1895 from bricks made in Minto, North Dakota, the school’s classrooms each now tell separate stories of pioneer life on the prairie, with many unique displays of the past with artifacts that have been given as gifts to the Museum.

Displays Include:
Main Street: Re-creation of old-time business establishments, including a general store, blacksmith shop, saloon, ice cream parlor, photography studio, beauty shop, dentist’s office, and more.
Historical Museum – Pioneer Home Display
Historical Museum – Pioneer Home Display
Pioneer home
Animals, fish and birds of North Dakota
Indian artifacts
Military memorabilia
Vintage clothing and accessories
One-room schoolhouse
Jail house
Log cabin
Trading post
Cook house
Walsh County Historical Museum Grounds


Adult (18 yrs and up)

Children (6 -17)

School Tours (per student)

Children (under 6 yrs)

Contributions Welcome

Donations to the Museum are welcome. To donate items, artifacts or photographs, please contact:
Wally Ebertowski, Curator/Manager 701-248-3984 or Shannon Brazil, Curator 701-215-3420.

Please include as much information as possible about the item along with your name, address and contact information.

Walsh County Museum Officers, 2023:

Officers 1-year term:

President:  Kieth Shutt
Vice President:  John Gudjates
Secretary:  Cindy Jamieson
Treasurer:  Mike Farder
Board Members 3 year term:
Josh Miskavige – Serving through 2023
Larry Jamieson – Serving through 2023
Doug Ulland – Serving though 2023
Dexter Sitzer – Serving through 2024
Tim Nelson – Serving through 2024
Steve Novak – Serving through 2024
June Selseth – Serving through 2024
Jared Peterka – Serving through 2024
Lucas Mondry – Serving through 2024
Curators/Manager:  Shannon Brazil and Wally Ebertowski